Another Gear

I pulled up in the driveway at 7:45AM after coaching. Just as I was about to exit my car to go inside our home and check on Wil’s readiness for school, he ran outside and into the car!

He was fully dressed, complete with his hoodie, backpack and even socks (which sometimes prove challenging for him to put on) under his Crocs.

Ever since Wil chose to set his own alarm and get up and ready for school on his own a few weeks ago, he’s been gaining momentum by the day. At first I had to nudge him with a few things. Today, Wil whittled it down to zero nudges, with a bonus of him walking outside to meet me (rather than my coming in to meet him).

Last year he simply wasn’t ready for this next step. There were too many “stuck mornings.” But in true “Wil fashion,” when he’s ready the next step turns quickly into a leap. It’s like what was once stuck is now a well-oiled locomotive that quickly gains forward momentum.

I’ve learned over the years to take Wil’s milestones a day at a time. To not look too far ahead; and yet to keep trying and never give up. Because over and again his readiness builds ever so silently under the surface, and when it emerges for us all to see, it’s like BAM! Here we go!


Published by Christie Taylor

Christie Taylor is the creator of the website,, and author of "Stories of Wil: Puberty Part 1" ( Christie believes that if we all had the opportunity to spend a day with our loved ones with Down syndrome, many of the stereotypes and stigmas would dissipate. Christie invites you, through her stories, to spend a day with Wil. The more the merrier!

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