Why Wilingness?

One day my daughter, Elizabeth, looked over my shoulder.  I was typing a story for Wilingness.com.

“A whole page dedicated to Wil,” she said. “I’m sure he gives you lots of material.” She belly laughed and rolled her eyes at the same time.

Elizabeth’s simultaneous deep laugh and eye roll said more than any words could.  Living with Wil is both a challenging and joyful experience. As Wil grows and changes, so must we. It’s an ever-revolving door of learning experiences. I’ve connected with amazing people, and grown a deeper love and respect for the gifts I’ve been given thanks to living in an chromosomally-enhanced world.

Through the stories on these pages, my hope is we will form a connection. Maybe our stories are similar and it will be downright cathartic to share a laugh or a tear. Or maybe our experiences are different, and yet there is an underlying common thread that ties us together. Or perhaps you are new to this journey and are looking ahead to see what is on the horizon. Wherever you are, I’m thankful we’ve connected on this wonderful adventure. 




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