Special Needs Siblings

These two young women have stepped up to the plate more than most realize; and they do it with love and grace. That said, Katherine and Elizabeth treat Wil like any little brother — loving him, being annoyed with him, and standing up for him. Their life requires an extra level that is not easyContinue reading “Special Needs Siblings”

Look Back/Move Forward

Yesterday afternoon Wil had a challenging moment. It’s been awhile since he’s tried to flee a situation; it was an impromptu situation with lots of moving parts. Of course, Wil’s challenging moment means a challenging moment for me and those around me, as well. After all was resolved and I had calmed myself down, IContinue reading “Look Back/Move Forward”

To “Be” or not to “Be”

At 53 years old I am a student. At 89 years old I will be a student. When I say goodbye to this world, I will be a student. Yesterday, I was trying to help a student who has autism. I was kind. I gave this student squeezes, I spoke calmly; soothingly. This student’s aggravationContinue reading “To “Be” or not to “Be””

The Cure

My son will not play in the NBA; my son will not invent a new vaccine. My son will not design a software program nor manage your finances. My son will not drive a car nor drive a recycling truck. But my son sang for nearly 4 hours on our drive up north without anyContinue reading “The Cure”

The Giggle Creator

Wil was just giggling to a tv show. Now he squished himself next to me in the Lazy-boy, as I was reading quietly, and started giggling. When I made him breakfast earlier, he danced around the kitchen, giggling. Wil’s a giggle creator. 💙😃

Discarding “Popular” Wisdom

“The first problem for all of us, men and women, is not to learn, but to unlearn. We are filled with popular wisdom of several centuries just past, and we are terrified to give it up.” Gloria Steinem may have had women’s rights on her mind with this quote, but it rings very true forContinue reading “Discarding “Popular” Wisdom”


At a social function a man said to me that he felt sorry for people who had children with Down syndrome. How hard it must be. Then he met a woman he love’s daughter, who has Down syndrome. Now he can’t imagine life without knowing her daughter. He shared how much bigger and brighter lifeContinue reading “Welcome”

Inclusion Slam Dunk!

Wil’s paraprofessional, Kristi, told me how Wil — of his own will — went to the closet in gym class, pulled out two baskets and two balls. He proceeded to toss the balls in the baskets. His peers joined in his created game by cheering him on. Today I picked up Elizabeth, Wil and theirContinue reading “Inclusion Slam Dunk!”

Let Us Embrace Our Vulnerable Population

In embracing our vulnerable population we embrace our own vulnerabilities. We crave Love. Love is the base of all things. Love is survival. We crave, live and breathe for Love. In embracing individuals that we previously misconceived as having lesser value, we find in fact their value is greater than ours as theirs is theContinue reading “Let Us Embrace Our Vulnerable Population”