Submerged to Surfaced

Wil totally worked the system last night…

Over the summer, Wil greatly anticipated celebrating at his Connect friends’ senior grad parties. However, once at the event, he’d soon become overwhelmed with the activity and number of people and flee.

As many of the grads live in the country, I’d turn my back in conversation, only to find Wil already deep in a field (we live on acreage so he’s very familiar with going on what he calls “adventures”). I’ve chased him through a few fields over the years. Fortunately at one city home, he only rounded the backyard to the front porch. The two of us hung out there, Wil refusing to move, for about an hour.

Matt and I had talks with Wil before and after each grad party: It’s okay to feel overwhelmed. You just need to tell us. Just say you feel overwhelmed and want to go.

Wil nodded in agreement, but the next grad party he’d flee again. So we’d again reinforce Wil using his words. But again he’d flee.

So fast-forward from the summer to last night. Wil did not want to shower but he needed one. I prepared everything for him to reduce any further obstacles; I turned on the water, got his towel, pulled back the shower curtain, then left him to it.

Less than 5 minutes later he came marching up the stairs in his towel, but with hair completely dry.

“Wil,” I asked, “why didn’t you finish your shower?”

“I was overwhelmed.”

“Nice try,” I said stifling a laugh. “Now back downstairs and finish your shower.”

He went back downstairs but switched the shower to a bath. Oh the teenage rebellion 🙄😂

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