You Go Girl!

At the airport yesterday, Wil was struggling a bit with some young children crying.

As a Starbucks was nearby, I asked Elizabeth to walk him over there while I stayed with our carry-on luggage (as Katherine was in another shop).

Wil was reluctant at Starbucks too, so Elizabeth walked him back to sit with me. She then walked back to Starbucks to get herself something to drink. A woman walked up to Elizabeth while she waited in line for her drink. The woman said she observed Elizabeth with her brother, and expressed her admiration at Elizabeth’s mature patience and how she talked to Wil. Then the woman said, God Bless, and walked away.

Elizabeth was surprised, yet pleased, by this. She was just being a sister to Wil as she always is (and Katherine has this same mature patience with Wil, as well), and didn’t see her actions as anything different than normal behavior.

In Elizabeth’s everyday life, she lifted the spirits of another, and she was uplifted in return.

I’m proud of Elizabeth (always), and also proud of the woman who had the courage to step up and acknowledge Elizabeth.

Katherine, Elizabeth, Wil

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