Discarding “Popular” Wisdom

“The first problem for all of us, men and women, is not to learn, but to unlearn. We are filled with popular wisdom of several centuries just past, and we are terrified to give it up.” Gloria Steinem may have had women’s rights on her mind with this quote, but it rings very true forContinue reading “Discarding “Popular” Wisdom”

Inclusion Slam Dunk!

Wil’s paraprofessional, Kristi, told me how Wil — of his own will — went to the closet in gym class, pulled out two baskets and two balls. He proceeded to toss the balls in the baskets. His peers joined in his created game by cheering him on. Today I picked up Elizabeth, Wil and theirContinue reading “Inclusion Slam Dunk!”


Today Wil and Manny went bowling. Both are teens with Down syndrome. Manny’s mom, Laura, and I share frequently about our plans, thoughts and concerns for the future. Thoughts about our boys as they age out of the school system; after friends have moved on to college, to jobs, to get married. How will ourContinue reading “HOW WE BEND”

Processing Time

Wil attended his first taekwondo tournament last Saturday. The environment had the potential of causing sensory distress within Wil. I had been to many taekwondo tournaments in the past with Katherine, as she worked her way up to a blackbelt. There would be many people moving around on the gym floor, and spontaneous announcements overContinue reading “Processing Time”

Blending Scenes

“The Buddy Walk is only one mile walk. I think you can handle it,” I joked. “And really, with so many people with Down syndrome, we don’t move fast!” When The Peanut Butter Falcon was available for streaming, I didn’t want to watch it on my own. The viewing experience would be fuller with friendsContinue reading “Blending Scenes”

Yesterday Was a When

Yesterday, Wil and I had lunch and a conversation on the back porch. One night, I sat on the edge of Wil’s bed. It was the school year of 2016. In the quiet before sleep, Wil was most apt to share his day. I always started with questions about his friends and lunch; they wereContinue reading “Yesterday Was a When”

You Go Girl!

At the airport yesterday, Wil was struggling a bit with some young children crying. As a Starbucks was nearby, I asked Elizabeth to walk him over there while I stayed with our carry-on luggage (as Katherine was in another shop). Wil was reluctant at Starbucks too, so Elizabeth walked him back to sit with me.Continue reading “You Go Girl!”

Simply Powerful

Kristi, Wil’s paraprofessional, sent me this photo of Wil cooking at school with his Connect mentor, Victoria. It was Cinco de Mayo and they were making tacos. Kristi told me he ended up eating 3!  It’s awe-striking to me, still, even though Wil is a teenager, how powerful the simplest joys with him are. IContinue reading “Simply Powerful”

Beyond Words

“Give me a hug.” Those were Laura’s first words when she came over for a visit.  A slanderous word had been directed at Wil that he thankfully didn’t hear (when I learned about it, this careless use of a word hurt me more than him). Even as Wil grows in maturity and in self-advocacy, heContinue reading “Beyond Words”

Receiving Butterflies

I was about two years younger than Wil when I hopped a fence with my friends. The top of the fence caught the back pocket of my favorite jeans and ripped them. I was devastated. Then my mom found a butterfly patch and ironed it over the rip. I loved that butterfly patch. Those jeans,Continue reading “Receiving Butterflies”