A Little Can Mean a Lot

Yesterday I went to Wolf’s Westside Automotive Service for an oil change. I had been there the previous day to have my tire patched. When I came in for my tire, the front door was propped open, the garage bay doors rolled up, and a refreshing breeze flowed through the lobby. Yesterday was just thatContinue reading “A Little Can Mean a Lot”

You Go Girl!

At the airport yesterday, Wil was struggling a bit with some young children crying. As a Starbucks was nearby, I asked Elizabeth to walk him over there while I stayed with our carry-on luggage (as Katherine was in another shop). Wil was reluctant at Starbucks too, so Elizabeth walked him back to sit with me.Continue reading “You Go Girl!”

Growth Rings

Last week, after swimming at the Saline Rec Center, I gave Wil a dollar bill and 2 quarters to buy a Gatorade in the vending machine.  He held the dollar bill in a pincher grasp (between his forefinger and thumb). It took him a moment to steady the dollar bill so it would fit throughContinue reading “Growth Rings”

Our Own Little Buddy Walk

The DSST Buddy Walk was virtual this year, but thanks to Wil’s amazing friends and this caring community, we had our own fun walk of about 30 people (and dogs!) in Manchester. Our local Steelegrafix LLC made our shirts this year and not only donated a portion of the proceeds to DSST, but also matchedContinue reading “Our Own Little Buddy Walk”