Submerged to Surfaced

Wil totally worked the system last night… Over the summer, Wil greatly anticipated celebrating at his Connect friends’ senior grad parties. However, once at the event, he’d soon become overwhelmed with the activity and number of people and flee. As many of the grads live in the country, I’d turn my back in conversation, onlyContinue reading “Submerged to Surfaced”

Just Make Him Do It

One of the most common things I hear (and what many of my friends who have children w disabilities hear) is, “well, just make him do it.” I literally feel a huge distance grow between us with this seeming logic. And yet, it’s a very difficult distance to close as there is no logical explanation.Continue reading “Just Make Him Do It”

You Go Girl!

At the airport yesterday, Wil was struggling a bit with some young children crying. As a Starbucks was nearby, I asked Elizabeth to walk him over there while I stayed with our carry-on luggage (as Katherine was in another shop). Wil was reluctant at Starbucks too, so Elizabeth walked him back to sit with me.Continue reading “You Go Girl!”

Brace Yourself

“Look, Mom!”  Wil widened his smile. A thick cord of wire ran through every braces bracket attached to the top row of Wil’s teeth. Then I noticed one of the brackets hung suspended over the jagged edges of an emerging adult tooth. Wil had just lost the baby tooth that previously held the bracket in place. Continue reading “Brace Yourself”

Open the Door to LEt In the Know

Last night my neighbor came over to deliver some squash and zucchini from her garden. Wil was sitting in the Lazy-boy watching Wild Kratts. He’d been to the pool, then outside playing, and had just finished eating dinner. He was chillin’. My neighbor, Nancy, asked him some questions. He didn’t want to answer. Nancy takesContinue reading “Open the Door to LEt In the Know”

Where There’s a Why

“Wil, are you going to get dressed?” “Why?”  “Because its morning.” “Why Mom?” “Because the earth made another full rotation.” “Oh, ok.” Wil went to his bedroom and got dressed. Though Wil’s 8th grade year had its challenges, in comparison to his 7th grade year, it was smooth sailing. But it took what we learned in hisContinue reading “Where There’s a Why”


It was just after 9 p.m. and I heard the back patio door click shut. I tucked Wil into bed only moments before. But I knew it was him. My alarm was set for 3:20 a.m. to rise for work, so I’d recently tucked myself into bed too.  I got out of bed, walked toContinue reading “Vocal-Ease”

Growing Pains

Wil went to the doctor for his well visit Friday afternoon. He’s now 5’4” and 136 pounds. Wil was a champion through all of the doctor’s tests and questions. In previous appointments, he would act silly if he didn’t understand a test, or glance at me when the doctor asked him a question. On thisContinue reading “Growing Pains”

Stuck On You

I didn’t know exactly where or when Wil would get stuck at the party, but I knew it was a possibility. The graduate was one of his Connect mentors that he admires greatly. As Wil is used to her individualized attention at school, I knew he would expect that level of attention at her party,Continue reading “Stuck On You”

Simply Powerful

Kristi, Wil’s paraprofessional, sent me this photo of Wil cooking at school with his Connect mentor, Victoria. It was Cinco de Mayo and they were making tacos. Kristi told me he ended up eating 3!  It’s awe-striking to me, still, even though Wil is a teenager, how powerful the simplest joys with him are. IContinue reading “Simply Powerful”