A Dose of Happy

After coaching this AM, I pulled into our attached garage.

Wil, hearing the garage door lift, opened the side door from our house into the garage. He stood there, with his short hair a fuzzy mess, navy blue donut pj bottoms, and one of his many Buddy Walk t-shirts.

I responsively smiled at him through my car window. I shifted the car to park, lifted my hands and raised the roof. He raised the roof back. I stirred the pot, and he stirred it back. I rocked my shoulders, he rocked his and added a hip twist. I hadn’t even gotten out of my car, it was barely 7:30AM, and our day was already groovin’.

I wish I could bottle this stuff up and spread it around. Our kids w Ds bring just the right dose of joy this world so desperately needs right now.

Our kids aren’t happy all the time, but wow does Wil know how to bring out happiness in others.


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