Discarding “Popular” Wisdom

“The first problem for all of us, men and women, is not to learn, but to unlearn. We are filled with popular wisdom of several centuries just past, and we are terrified to give it up.” Gloria Steinem may have had women’s rights on her mind with this quote, but it rings very true forContinue reading “Discarding “Popular” Wisdom”

Let Us Embrace Our Vulnerable Population

In embracing our vulnerable population we embrace our own vulnerabilities. We crave Love. Love is the base of all things. Love is survival. We crave, live and breathe for Love. In embracing individuals that we previously misconceived as having lesser value, we find in fact their value is greater than ours as theirs is theContinue reading “Let Us Embrace Our Vulnerable Population”

Deeper Than a Good Deed

One of my favorite parts about Special Olympics events is when I thank the volunteers for their time, and they say, “No, thank YOU! We are so very thankful for this opportunity.” And in further discussion you find they volunteered once as a “good deed” and now it’s 20 years later and they wouldn’t missContinue reading “Deeper Than a Good Deed”

House of Cards

Most of us don’t choose to be caregivers. Then next thing you know, you find yourself standing on a house of cards. Last night a friend was at a neighboring table for dinner with her husband and another couple. After they had eaten dinner, the other couple left. As our friend tried to leave, herContinue reading “House of Cards”


Most mornings these days Wil wakes up happy and cooperative; he’s nearly sixteen years old now. We have a few morning struggles but nothing like his earlier years. He enjoys school, seeing his friends, and his independence. We talk about what day of the week it is, the month and the season. Wil keeps closeContinue reading “Out-Turn”


Wil double-stepped down the broad concrete steps. He paused. Then he threw both arms back, hinged forward at the waist, and propelled himself over the last step. Mid-air he hollered, “Jump!” He landed flat-footed and straight-legged. Dang, when will he ever bend his knees? “Mom, jump!” He yelled. I exaggeratedly swung my left arm back,Continue reading “Unwrapped”

A Dose of Happy

After coaching this AM, I pulled into our attached garage. Wil, hearing the garage door lift, opened the side door from our house into the garage. He stood there, with his short hair a fuzzy mess, navy blue donut pj bottoms, and one of his many Buddy Walk t-shirts. I responsively smiled at him throughContinue reading “A Dose of Happy”

The Dance

When Wil was born, I wondered on his differences. How would they separate him from making friends? How would his differences separate him from living a full life? What I didn’t know was Wil’s differences would become woven so deeply into our daily lives that they would be our norm. One example is Wil’s dancing.Continue reading “The Dance”

In Sync

As Wil has gotten older, it’s clear he needs closer friends with Down syndrome. He has wonderful friends at school that love and support him fully. As the gap in abilities with his typical peers grows and social lives expand, Wil also needs to cultivate friendships with those whose abilities match his. Manny’s family livesContinue reading “In Sync”

No Words to Describe the Words that Do

Wil was busy packing his backpack. Then he walked up to me and told me what he was doing and walked out the door. I didn’t understand fully what he said. So I watched him walk down the lane of our back field. If he turns right, that means he’s going to the river. IfContinue reading “No Words to Describe the Words that Do”