Time after Time

Wil was an easy-going baby. I had to wake him to eat or he would have slept right through his feeding time. Which makes me chuckle now because his favorite subject is “what’s for dinner.” Picking up his first Cheerio with a pincher grasp took miles of work. I still remember the day he pickedContinue reading “Time after Time”

The Ghost of Pain

Not too often, but every once in a while, and it happens when Wil is doing something active like playing basketball or fishing, a transparent form of Wil superimposes himself over the real Wil. The transparent Wil moves and plays in perfect time with the real Wil. The only difference is the transparent Wil’s limbsContinue reading “The Ghost of Pain”


Wil was sandwiched between Katherine and Elizabeth in a 3-seater row. At 10 years old, Wil had made this flight to visit his grandparents nearly as many years. Though nestled between his sisters, Wil reveled in his independent position across the aisle from me. The first two hours of the flight were without incident. ThenContinue reading “Yippy!”

Drop It To The Floor!

When Wil drops himself on the floor, there are times when someone who doesn’t know him well will step up and say, “Let me try.” “Have at it,” I say. Then I sit back and observe what I already know is going to happen. I can’t always predict the exact words, but I do knowContinue reading “Drop It To The Floor!”


November is the month of gratitude, so I thought it timely to share this previously written post on why… I AM NOT GRATEFUL I was not grateful when I learned Wil had Down syndrome. I am not grateful my marriage was challenged by our differing timetables of acceptance. I am not grateful my relationships withContinue reading “I AM NOT GRATEFUL”