Filling In The Moment

I shared with Wil’s friend, that during the snow days off school, “Wil and I played with these big blow-up things that you put over your hands and then punch each other with.”

Wil interrupted me with a flat-toned, “They are called Socker Boppers, Mom.”

Wil is at a stage where he reads everything around him — even the words printed on the big blow-up things that you put over your hands, that I clearly took no time to read. But when you discover you can read about anything around you, then that’s what you do!

So within that one sentence Wil interrupted me with, I felt elation for his high interest in reading everything around him, mixed with an internal chuckle over his very typical teenaged eye-roll comment.

Life may be found in the present moment. But I have also found that observing the progression of moments over time fill the present with more life.

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