Blame Overboard!

I was once asked if I felt to blame for Wil having Down syndrome. Rude, yes. But when something happens unexpectedly, we all look for reasons. This person just happened to ask their reason out loud. Asking why something happened is survival. However, our asking usually points to something outside of ourselves. We can dust our hands of it and say, welp, it’s just the way it is; it was the way I was made; it was because of; it’s their problem now.

There is no known reason for why that 3rd copy attaches itself to the 21st chromosome. I might be to blame, I might not. Thankfully, I don’t have the answer to that question. And I love that so much. Because it is initiative in it’s purest form. There are no fingers to point except to myself. Not in blame, but to wrap around myself in this great big hug that says, “I’m not sure what’s ahead, but let’s jump in with both feet and see where this journey leads us.”


  1. This is such a great blog. I like your honesty and your joy in raising your son. I do a Friday post of good news that I see related to my profession (occupational therapy) on my blog. Do you mind if I link your blog in my post this Friday? I would like to frame it as a positive resource for Down Syndrome Awareness month. If not, I understand. Thank you.

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  2. I don’t know much about Down syndrome, but the people I’ve met with it (kids and adults alike) are amazing individuals. I can’t imagine anyone or thing requiring blame for making awesome people! Now, as I said, I don’t know much – perhaps there are health concerns or difficulties that make it a challenge – but the overall picture looks, from the outside, like beauty to me.
    My daughter has autism and even though there have been, and will always be some challenges, the person SHE IS is incredible. The mind she has is unbelievable. The sweetness she possesses is priceless. Why people look at vaccines, birth trauma, and more as reasons she might be the way she is doesn’t make sense to me at all. Anyone who loves one of these people knows there is no need for blame. 🙂 🙂

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