The Game is Afoot!

When Wil was born, why a 3rd copy of the 21st chromosome occurs was — and still is — a scientific mystery.

When I struggled to gain acceptance after Wil’s diagnosis, I sought out a support group. My new support group friends hugged me and said I would know a great joy, even though I couldn’t see it now. A deeper mystery.

When Wil’s physical therapist said he had low muscle tone but would most definitely walk, I asked when. She answered that was up to Wil. An enduring mystery.

We live in an Information Age. And yet, I am thankful to know mystery is alive and well. Without it, I would have got caught up in how Trisomy 21 happens, rather than the more important fact of how my son will grow and thrive with Trisomy 21.

I’m thankful — and now understand why — my fellow support group friends could not explain the great joy I would soon come to know. It is an answer learned only by living; and extends beyond words. I now make quick friends with other Trisomy 21 parents as we share in this knowing that we have lived to learn.

And if I knew, or had a baseline idea, of when Wil would walk, I would have overlooked any millimeter of progress I then so desperately sought. Every success was a surprise gift, no matter how seemingly small.

Yes, mystery still exists! Just ask anyone who loves someone with a disability.

Our world is one of highly anticipated outcomes, interspersed with daily surprises — all the makings of a great mystery. And that’s no sh*t Sherlock!


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