Look, Mom

“Look, Mom, a smile,” Wil said as he held his cup of water up for me to see. Five ice cubes floated at the top of his cup; two ice cubes floated above three ice cubes. It took me a moment, and then I saw it. Two cubed eyes above a three-cubed smile.

“Look, Mom, I’m a deer.” Wil held up two long, thin branches; one on either side of his head. This time I saw the deer right away 🙂

“Look, Mom, I’m a turtle.” Wil was on the floor, with a pillow balanced on his back, his hands on a footstool which was his rock.

Wil sees something in everything. A smile in a cup, a deer in a pair of sticks, a turtle in an old pillow.

There is always more to everything than what we see, when we look.





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