Sitting atop the Gap

While Wil’s peers are doing 12-year-old things, he will stop in his tracks for Doc McStuffins. Currently, we are juggling 12-year-old hormones with younger ability levels. This gap will continue to grow. This juggling act can be frustrating and even a bit isolating at times. But you go out and find the people you need to find to surround yourself with. Who lift you up, and you do the same for them. You reach out and you reach up and always, always find a way to look up and rejoice. This morning in the car on the way to work at 4AM I repeated over and over, “Rejoice in this day! Rejoice in this day!” Sometimes I feel crazy doing that, but the high emotions I get from it are second to none. And suddenly that big gap is A-ok. 

Wil does things his own way. If I didn’t live the life I do with him, I would not be filled with the joy I am when I see pictures such as this. As the gap grows between Wil and his peers, Wil experiences his own kind of freedoms. While certain delays hold him back, certain freedoms are also more open to him. He doesn’t play by all the same rules we do. Not because he’s rebellious, but because in his delays, he also experiences greater freedoms. To be truly, unabashedly, utterly himself. Climbing to the top of the table to express his art. May we all be so free.

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