Stand Up for Down Syndrome

I just read a very saddening story how a mother’s son was denied certain medical services because her son has Down syndrome. Of course this is discrimination. And just plain wrong. Her point in sharing was that our voices are so very important and powerful. I’m so thankful she took the time to share her story not so we could get angry, but so we could get loud. To be proactive with our voices. That there is still ignorance surrounding the value of our kids lives. Our kids need and deserve our voices to be heard! I’ve always believed our stories need to be heard, even and maybe most importantly, our daily lives. Wil smellling flowers, Wil hugging his sisters, Wil loving on his dog, Wil swimming in the pool, Wil doing his homework. Our lives have certain challenges, but our life really is not that different. What life does not have a mix of challenges and joys? I’ve grown so much in learning to work through the challenges, which elevates the joyful daily moments to new heights. I truly would not change a single moment!

I’m thankful I had the exact opposite experience at Mott Children’s Hospital yesterday. As the endocrinologist walked in the door the first thing she said was, “He is such an angel.” His sisters, who were also sitting in the doctor’s room, chuckled at this because to them he is their little brother! He loves to tease and pester them as many little brothers do. He is both an angel and a little bit of a devil Β Aren’t we all?! This life is so ordinary and so magical all at the same time.

Never think you have too ordinary of a story to share. The world needs glimpses into our daily lives to erase the fears! Whenever you share a story, whether it be full of elation of a successful moment, or working through certain challenges while holding strong to faith, or a beautiful snapshot of an everyday moment, share it with LOVE. FULLY BELIEVE with all your HEART that the feeling of this moment shared will reach the right person at just the right time. VISUALIZE a mind blossoming open. We have all had our minds firmly closed to certain ideas and then an experience suddenly gives us an enlightening new view. It’s quite a miraculous feeling. Give others that gift with your story. Our loved ones with Down syndrome deserve at least that much.Β πŸ’™


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