The Ghost of Pain

Not too often, but every once in a while, and it happens when Wil is doing something active like playing basketball or fishing, a transparent form of Wil superimposes himself over the real Wil. The transparent Wil moves and plays in perfect time with the real Wil. The only difference is the transparent Wil’s limbsContinue reading “The Ghost of Pain”

Open Book Ice Cream

My high school science teacher was amazing. And I had very little interest in science. He practically leapt off the floor explaining the periodic table. It was like someone just put this amazing hot fudge sundae in front of him and he couldn’t wait to dig in. What amazed me the most was that heContinue reading “Open Book Ice Cream”

Drop It To The Floor!

When Wil drops himself on the floor, there are times when someone who doesn’t know him well will step up and say, “Let me try.” “Have at it,” I say. Then I sit back and observe what I already know is going to happen. I can’t always predict the exact words, but I do knowContinue reading “Drop It To The Floor!”

An Evil Queen’s Observation on Acceptance

I am often placed in the position of being teacher. Not by trade. Not by degree. But by raising a child with special needs. My favorite way of learning is through storytelling. Allow me to introduce you to the cast: Grumpy: Lila Happy: Ashley Sneezy: Seeger Sleepy: Sarah Doc: Olivia Dopey: Lillian Bashful: Rebecca TheContinue reading “An Evil Queen’s Observation on Acceptance”

A Darn Straight Day

“Mom, I worked hard today!” Wil shouted as he threw the car door open and took a seat right behind me. The school day had just ended. Elizabeth slid into the passenger seat and Katherine jumped in next to Wil. “No way, Wil, not three days in a row.” I said. “Yes!” “Nope, not possible.”Continue reading “A Darn Straight Day”