The Perspective of Time

Wil has grown so much in his 10th grade year, and I can’t thank Kristi Campbell, Hope Schook and Heidi Drake enough for that! For this fact, it gives me space to snicker when I read about a day like this: 10:05 Refused to work10:08 Turned it around10:25 Refused to work10:30 Turned it around1:50 RefusedContinue reading “The Perspective of Time”

Growing Together

Families and friends gathered for the annual Down Syndrome Support Team Buddy Walk the last Sunday of September. It is traditionally held on that date— though here and there over the years the Buddy Walk has jumped up or back a week. The Buddy Walk takes place on a one mile loop in Gallup Park,Continue reading “Growing Together”

Brace Yourself

“Look, Mom!”  Wil widened his smile. A thick cord of wire ran through every braces bracket attached to the top row of Wil’s teeth. Then I noticed one of the brackets hung suspended over the jagged edges of an emerging adult tooth. Wil had just lost the baby tooth that previously held the bracket in place. Continue reading “Brace Yourself”

What Grows Us

We all have experiences that “grow us.” We move along in life, doing what we do, thinking what we think, then, whoomp, there it is. The something that “grows us.”It’s impactful enough to rethink the way we think. To resee what we thought we saw. To listen again to what we thought we heard. WhatContinue reading “What Grows Us”