Today Wil and Manny went bowling. Both are teens with Down syndrome. Manny’s mom, Laura, and I share frequently about our plans, thoughts and concerns for the future. Thoughts about our boys as they age out of the school system; after friends have moved on to college, to jobs, to get married. How will ourContinue reading “HOW WE BEND”

I Feel Good!

I remember, when Wil was a brand new baby, I walked into my first Down Syndrome Support Team (DSST) meeting. Young kids with Down syndrome were running around playing like young kids do. Everything was so normal, and yet it wasn’t to me, because all these kids had Down syndrome. I went home, though veryContinue reading “I Feel Good!”

A Good Morning!

Wil set the alarm on his iPad last night for school (I showed him how after asking the twins if they had an old alarm clock Wil could use. Elizabeth said, “Mom, just use his iPad” 🙄). On mornings I work, Katherine or Elizabeth typically wake Wil. He is very independent now, and it’s gettingContinue reading “A Good Morning!”

Sunday Live-Stream

I don’t listen to special needs podcasts. It’s not that I don’t enjoy them, or learn from them, or feel a connection with them. I do. I have a few of my favorites saved in my library for quick access when I need extra help. But mostly, I enjoy the running podcast of my ownContinue reading “Sunday Live-Stream”


“Mom, I saw Ashley in gym today!” Wil did not share this fact after school. Nor at the dinner table. Wil was lying on the couch, shortly before bedtime, watching a Netflix show with Elizabeth and me. He popped up in the middle of a scene— that had nothing to do with gym class, orContinue reading “CREATING SPACE”

A Moment in Time: Surprise gifts

Wil and I went to pick up pizza in town. As we exited the pizzeria, we saw Will D., Wil’s friend from school. We enjoyed a quick chat, then as Wil and I headed back to our car, Wil turned around and called out to Will D., “See you tomorrow!” I’ve never heard my WilContinue reading “A Moment in Time: Surprise gifts”

Growing Together

Families and friends gathered for the annual Down Syndrome Support Team Buddy Walk the last Sunday of September. It is traditionally held on that date— though here and there over the years the Buddy Walk has jumped up or back a week. The Buddy Walk takes place on a one mile loop in Gallup Park,Continue reading “Growing Together”

It’s What Friends Do

Wil’s closest friends are five girls from school; all typically-developing. In our tight-knit community, I hear over and again how special Wil’s friends are. And it’s true. They are. My gratitude is high because I know in another tight-knit community – the community of parents who have children with Down syndrome — Wil’s friendship circleContinue reading “It’s What Friends Do”

Just Friends Being Friends

“I was just wondering if Wil wanted to be part of the 7 dwarfs. We were thinking he could be Snuggly, Giggly, Silly, or Smiley! Considering Wil has all those traits!” I received this text from Ashley about Halloween costumes. Ashley and Wil, now in 8th grade, have gone to school together and been friendsContinue reading “Just Friends Being Friends”

Our Own Little Buddy Walk

The DSST Buddy Walk was virtual this year, but thanks to Wil’s amazing friends and this caring community, we had our own fun walk of about 30 people (and dogs!) in Manchester. Our local Steelegrafix LLC made our shirts this year and not only donated a portion of the proceeds to DSST, but also matchedContinue reading “Our Own Little Buddy Walk”