I Believe Most People Are Good (Luke Bryan song)

I saw it in his eyes. He wanted to bolt. If he found a crack in the crowd, he’d force his way through like a flower through a concrete slab. At 5’5” and 155 pounds, clad with big blue noise-cancelling headphones, people would step back startled and stare, walk around and give him space, ratherContinue reading “I Believe Most People Are Good (Luke Bryan song)”

Tunes of the Territory

Wil had become overwhelmed and fled the situation with little warning. I chased after him and tried to get him to open up. He never did.  Wil has grown greatly in his communication skills, and each time we go somewhere he grows in independence too. However there are multiple stops that must break way toContinue reading “Tunes of the Territory”


Think being light-hearted doesn’t hold weight? Even in serious matters? Just ask the fly who won the vice-presidential debate. Just ask an elementary school teacher how a whisper quiets an entire classroom. Just ask a parent of a child with Down syndrome. When Wil is feeling heavy, he has a hard time getting out ofContinue reading “Lightweight”