Showing Up

Friday morning Wil refused to go to school. Elizabeth called me at work to let me know what was happening. Wil had ridden his bike down the driveway and wouldn’t budge. Elizabeth put me on speaker on her phone so I could talk to Wil. Wil threw her phone in the snow.

I called the school to let them know the kids would be tardy. I then called Wil’s paraprofessional to let her know. After trying a few tactics it was clear I needed to come home and the kids would then be very late. I was just on the road when Elizabeth called back.

A friend they drive to school called her mom to let her know she was going to be late to school due to Wil being planted on his bike in the driveway. Her mom hopped in her car, drove up to Wil on his bike and said, “Hey Wil, want a ride to school?”

“Sure!” He said and got in her car just like that after a mornings long standoff!

I was so relieved they all made it to school and Wil turned his day around (with an added bribe of McDonalds). It wasn’t until later in the day that a coworker brought to my attention that it was funny Wil threw the phone in the snow so as not to talk to me.

Katherine and Elizabeth deserve a medal because this is their normal and they work hard to navigate Wil’s tough times. And wow, there are amazing people who show up just when you need them; and who remind you to laugh! ❤️


Published by Christie Taylor

Christie Taylor is the creator of the website,, and author of "Stories of Wil: Puberty Part 1" ( Christie believes that if we all had the opportunity to spend a day with our loved ones with Down syndrome, many of the stereotypes and stigmas would dissipate. Christie invites you, through her stories, to spend a day with Wil. The more the merrier!

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