Book Cover Complete!

The cover for the upcoming book Stories of Wil: Puberty Part 1!

This work of love is almost ready for print!!! Inside is a compilation of many of my blogs (with additional edits and/or expansions) of our experiences entering puberty with Wil. My hope is to connect with readers who share similar experiences as well as opening a window of understanding.

A few formatting completions to make and we are ready to go!

Many thanks to Sarah Block for your eye for detail and formatting expertise; this cover would not have come together without you; to Brittany Toth for your care and creativity with the cover’s design, and to Cheri Vincent Riemer, my fellow T-21 Momma, you captured Wil’s spirit on our visit to your family’s lovely home on Lake Lansing.

As soon as Stories of Wil: Puberty Part 1 is ordered for print, I will let you know!

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