Here’s Looking Up For You Kid!

When I looked down at my baby, laying peacefully in his crib, it all seemed so wrong. How could a peaceful sight such as this feel so very painful. I had received words of sympathy, friends cried with me. Though I had questioned the idea before, this was the first time I truly felt that Life was left to Fate.

Life always proves to be a teacher. I realized, as I fought for my baby, I also was fighting for myself. My point of view. I met people who congratulated me on the birth of my beautiful son. Who had no tears but offered hope and stories of how those with Down syndrome in their lives had changed their lives not for the worse, but for the better.

I realized how we all have this inner desire for experiences to be easy. And this experience certainly does not fall into that category. Ahhh, but Life the powerful teacher revealed Life is not Fate. Life has a plan. My peaceful baby was perfect, just as he was created. The only thing wrong was the way I was looking at things.

I do not regret my tears. I do not regret my pain. They are the tools I needed to work through to know the immense joy I have now surrounding my son. To see every challenge as a new opportunity to grow rather than a burden to cross.

I look at my son, singing playfully in his room. He is now 12 years old. We are in the midst of puberty. I do not fret or worry, though I know the challenges are real. I have friends who have travelled this road that will support me and guide me. And when we have moved on to the next path, I will reach back and support those who are embarking on the road to puberty.

This is a one step at a time journey. Though I had questioned the idea before, I truly feel that Life is full of Love. I only needed to lift my downtrodden eyes to see Life in a new Light.


Published by Christie Taylor

Christie Taylor is the creator of the website,, and author of "Stories of Wil: Puberty Part 1" ( Christie believes that if we all had the opportunity to spend a day with our loved ones with Down syndrome, many of the stereotypes and stigmas would dissipate. Christie invites you, through her stories, to spend a day with Wil. The more the merrier!

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