He’s Got That Extra

At a stoplight in Chelsea, Wil squinted down on my phone and scrolled through Amazon Music to find his newest favorite, “Down to the Honkytonk” buy Jake Ouwen. He found it, hit Bluetooth audio on my radio and turned the dial up loud. I discreetly took it down a notch with the volume on my steering wheel.

We had just left Wil’s audiology appointment. His left ear tested just below normal. His right ear test came back with a big dip with higher pitched noises. The results are questionable whether the dip is due to fluid in his ears. The next step is to drain the fluid, then have his ears checked again. Nothing earth shattering, all things we can work with, just more appointments to juggle. As I pondered the possibility of convincing him to wear hearing aids while wearing his glasses is still a work in progress, I saw Wil’s arm raise up in my peripheral vision. I looked over to see Wil waving while never breaking stride from dancing in his seat.

I followed the direction of his wave to a gold pick-up truck also waiting at the light in the neighboring lane. The pick-up was just ahead of us so we were parallel with the truck’s bed. Out the truck’s back sliding window was a boy of about 15-years-old. He had his arm fully stretched out of the window waving enthusiastically at Wil with a friendly smile.

After Wil gave a few waves he got right back to the business of singing and dancing in his seat. The boy and I shared a smile at Wil’s energetic singing and soon the light changed. We gave a quick wave and were off in our own different directions.

As I turned left onto M-52 headed home, I joined in with Wil and we belted out together, “I go down to the honkytonk, I go down to the honkytonk, I go down to the honkytonk
I go down to the honkytonk!”

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