We Are All One: Down Syndrome Awareness Month Day 4

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month:
In seeking inclusion for our kids, the focus is quite frequently on limits. Whether it be overcoming pre-conceived notions, or adaptation in the education system, we live in a day-to-day focused world where our individual strengths and weaknesses are highlighted. While this is important, there is another level to inclusion. A level above limits. In fact, in this place no limits exist. It is a place of giving of ourselves. Giving of ourselves with no strings attached. Giving because we love. Giving because we care. When we give freely of our own choice, the level of our giving is infinite. This type of giving raises us and those around us to a higher plane. A level above limits, pre-conceived notions, and individuality. A place we are all one. When I am witness to this, it is truly a spiritual experience. My guess is you have felt this in your own life too. There is no need to adapt, question, overcome, because in this plane we are all completely free as we are. There is no need for inclusion because we truly already are all one.43111335_10217619359857196_7543800225073201152_n.jpg

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