I Be The Conductor

Yesterday, driving home from the grocery store Wil and I drove over railroad tracks. He yelled out, “Railroad tracks! Mom, I be the conductor.”

With the excitement in his voice, you’d think it was the first time he saw railroad tracks. In fact, we go over those very same railroad tracks frequently on various errands. Yet, each time he calls these tracks out like he’s seen them for the first time. How very refreshing it is to be in his presence!

Wil makes the simplest moments so very fun. I’m reminded constantly how blessed I am, no matter what is happening in my life, right here and right now. That as complicated as things are, happiness is always here. It’s not in things, it’s in us. Yet, ironically, the more we chase or run away from certain experiences in our lives to find a certain happiness, we lose our perspective of what it was we were going after in the first place. In these very simple, every day moments, like the car bumping over railroad tracks, Wil has an uncanny way of reminding me that happiness is not elusive. He pulls my mind immediately to the present moment. All the outside thoughts get pushed to the side. It’s just him and me and we are in this very moment. Life is always right here, right now. It’s not behind or in front of us. And these very moments build in me a stronger enthusiasm to tackle the future hurdles and let go of the past pains that no longer serve me. I believe the way Wil never forgets to be present in a moment is why Wil is so magnetic to those around him. We want what he has. We want his simple, yet powerful joys. He is a reminder of the blessings we live every day, the blessings we all know inside of us, but just sometimes forget in our forward or past looking pursuits.

The next time we are at a crossroads, let’s imagine ourselves bumping over a set of railroad tracks to snap our minds out of their future or past thoughts, and bring us right to the present moment. May we stop for a moment and take note of the simple yet powerful blessings we do have around us at this very moment. Let that joy build in us strength to overcome the obstacles ahead and to let go of the past thoughts that no longer serve us. After all, we “be the conductor” of our thoughts, and that may be one of our greatest blessings of all!


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