5 Things You Need To Know About Individuals With Down Syndrome Before You Spend Time Together

5 Things You Need To Know About Individuals With Down Syndrome Before You Spend Time Together:

1. Brace yourself for the best hug you have ever gotten. Truly.

2. “Appreciating the little things in life” will no longer be a saying. Little things will be pointed out to you and time will stand still for an instant. You will be enveloped in the beauty and simplicity of a moment. What once felt little to you will now become big and the big things you are hurrying after will now reduce their size in importance.

3. Even if you believe you have a lot of time to get ready to go somewhere, still add a 15 to 30-minute buffer on top of that. When you are losing your patience, take a deep breath and refer back to #2.

4. Lest you are lulled into the belief that all of life moves at a relaxed pace, fasten your seat belts! When our friends feel uncomfortable or need a change of pace, without a word, they will zero in on the nearest exit before you have even processed what is happening, and zip out the door in a time that would make Jesse Owens’ head spin. It’s go time!

5. Cruel words and actions hurt. They are not forgotten. And yet, they are bravely forgiven. Grudges are not held, and an infinite supply of love is freely and openly extended.

Keep on rocking those 47 chromosomes! We need your kind of love in this world! πŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’›



Published by Christie Taylor

Christie Taylor is the creator of the website, www.WILingness.com, and author of "Stories of Wil: Puberty Part 1" (Amazon.com: amzn.to/30mFoZ5) Christie believes that if we all had the opportunity to spend a day with our loved ones with Down syndrome, many of the stereotypes and stigmas would dissipate. Christie invites you, through her stories, to spend a day with Wil. The more the merrier!

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