No Rest Days

I never plan rest days. Ever. It’s probably against the “rules.” 7 days a week, I plan to run and/or cross train. I have every workout written in my calendar. But here’s the thing…rest days find me. 1-2 days a week like clockwork. I don’t need to exert any effort to find them. All I need is to know my schedule like the back of my hand, then be flexible with it. Today for example, the plan was to run 70 minutes easy. Cool. No prob. I have it blocked off in my planner. Just enough time to get home from work, change, get out the door, run, get home in time to meet Katherine and Wil after school, get dinner together, then pick up Elizabeth from basketball. I’m driving home from work, thinking about the route I want to take and then I get a call from Wil’s school. Uh-oh. Wil hasn’t wanted to work most of the day. He won’t get on the school bus. He’s refusing to move. Can I come pick him up? Of course. He had a rough week last week too, which I attributed to his congestion. But now that his congestion is gone, we are at a loss as to what is holding him down. I pick up Wil, start to get dinner ready then receive a call from Wil’s endocrinologist we saw yesterday for his hypothyroidism. His thyroid levels are low. Bingo! I’m hoping this is the culprit for his sluggish behavior. The doc has already ordered his new dose. Dash out to pick up new meds, then soon off to pick up Elizabeth at basketball.
And there it is. Unplanned rest day. 70 minute run is rescheduled for Saturday or Sunday because those are my easy run days this week (tomorrow is a long run, Thursday is cross-train and Friday is speedwork.)
So I’m scheduled, but I’m also not. It’s probably not how Rocky did it, but at the end of the day, as long as we find our own way to climb the Rocky staircase, that’s what counts the most.


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