Underneath the Words

Sometimes it’s hard…sometimes it’s hard having a child that has many limits in communicating with you. Sometimes it’s hard seeing other kids try to be his friend, and are so patient, but eventually want to do their own thing. You understand that, and realize more than ever you must find other children that are your child’s level as the ability gap increases with his typical age-group peers. Sometimes it’s hard when you just don’t know quite how to explain the multiple minute daily intricities that are usually part of life but sometimes pile up and fill you to capacity.

Then you sit down next to a mom you just met at a Special Olympics basketball practice, and she shares with you all these same things, but in her own son’s story, and you nod your head because even though her son has different special needs than your son’s, you share the same underlying situations and feelings. You hear and feel what she is saying underneath the words and she hears and feels what you are saying underneath the words. These moments readjust and realign my focus and give me my strength back. The sometimes it’s hard moments are still there, but they don’t feel as hard anymore. They have been shared and understood, and are now woven back into the fabric of my everyday life. A life I love, and would not exchange for anything. The sometimes it’s hard moments are just part of this life, and I respect that fact greatly. Without them I would never know the deep-down blessed connection there is to be shared underneath the words. And that is a powerful life-force, indeed.

Basketball camp Wil

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