Rise Up!


Today is the last day of Down Syndrome Awareness Month. What I have most enjoyed sharing Wil and Down Syndrome Awareness Month with you is what you have shared with me. You taking the time to message me a personal experience about a friend or loved one with Ds, or sharing how these posts gave you newfound knowledge in a positive way. Making that connection is what this is all about.
Robert Langdon Down described Ds in 1866, thus the name “Down” syndrome. That name choice is unfortunate. As many have said before me, Down syndrome would more accurately be called “Up” syndrome. Having a child with Down syndrome has definitely lifted me up in countless ways.
I don’t pretend this is an easy journey. That would be misleading and unfair. I want you to know the challenges. I invite you to stop looking for the easy way, there is no victory there. I believe in simple, yes, but I no longer believe in easy. It is an empty place. It is the challenges that have most lifted me “Up.” It is in the challenges that I have been placed on the same paths of extraordinary people. People that lead by example and encourage me to continue to grow beyond my preconceived capacities. It is in this growing, and also in giving back to those new to this path, that I have discovered how very powerful the simplest joys in life are. This knowledge delivers great fulfillment and excitement with each new day. Not because life is easy, but each day offers a new opportunity to grow and give back with it.
That is why I have decided to continue on with short morning posts called “Rise Up!” A morning burst of energy, inspiration and awareness to take with you through your day. I hope you will continue to share your stories and comments so they may also lift me through my day. Making that connection is what this is all about.
Rise Up!



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