What’s In A Hug?


We all need hugs every day. I believe there is even science to prove it. It’s easy to forget that though, in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Wil never, ever forgets a hug. And he will not accept a quick, routine hug. It must be bonafide–a hug that conveys a true exchange of emotion.

Upon waking, Wil says, “Hug!” and links his arms around my neck. When I hand him his toothbrush he says, “Hug!” and we giggle at our reflection hugging in the mirror. When he comes home from school he says, “Hug!” and proceeds to tell me about his day, or pulls a drawing out of his backpack to show me.

Even if we are in a hurry, he won’t release his hug until he feels he’s gotten his true, shared hug back. As common as Wil’s hugs are, they never become commonplace.

These hugs, even on our busiest mornings (especially on our busiest mornings), are my wake-up calls. They lift my head above the fog of minutia to again see clearly the wider and brighter picture. When I believe I have not a second to spare is exactly when the longest hugs are most required.
(Photo: Wil and his amazing teacher).

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