Interrupting Cow Who?

14199377_10210525124625749_851864248295374718_nWil has an incredibly infectious belly laugh. He’s all in and before you know it, you are all in with him. It’s a beautiful thing. The only hitch is, he’s so all in that he can quickly and easily lose his bladder. As Wil can find the hilarious in a paper bag, I typically have an extra pair of undies and pants stashed in the car for such frequent occasions.

Last night, the kids and I were headed to Katherine’s Taekwondo lesson. As I had just cleaned out the car from a recent vacation, I had no spares for Wil.

When we arrived at the studio, Katherine headed into her class and Elizabeth, Wil and I hung out in the lobby. Wil does not like the loud noises in the Taekwondo classroom. It was a beautiful late summer evening so Wil and I decided to play outside on the sidewalk while Elizabeth chose to read inside. The sun shone bright and Wil took note of our shadows on the outside wall of the Taekwondo studio. We decided to start shadow dancing. We raised our arms, kicked our legs to the side, hopped, twirled, and gave each other bunny ears. And we laughed. We laughed hard.
In our twirling, Wil decided to add Ring Around the Rosie to our shadow dance. We spun around, and sat down on the concrete sidewalk. As we stood up again, I saw Wil had left a wet imprint on the sidewalk. And there I was with no spares.

Wil was not about to stop our game, but I convinced him that a bathroom break was required and we’d get right back to it. We walked into the studio and into the bathroom. I took off his shorts and undies, rinsed them in the sink with soap and water, rung them out as much as I could, and put them back on him.

“Mom, they are wet!”

“Yes, they are. They were wet before. Now they are clean and wet.”

“Ok. Shadow dancing now?”

“You bet, Buddy!”

We went back outside to our shadow dancing/Ring Around the Rose game until it was time to play knock-knock jokes. We sat on the concrete ground.

“Knock-Knock,” Wil said.

“Who’s there?” I asked.

“Interrupting cow.”

“Interrupting cow who?”

“Moo!” It’s even funnier to me that he doesn’t interrupt but still finds the joke hilarious. We laughed hard. Elizabeth came out and joined us.

“Knock-Knock,” Elizabeth said.

“Who’s there?” Wil and I asked.

“Boo.” Elizabeth said.

“Boo-hoo?” Wil and I asked.

“Why are you crying? It’s just a joke!” And we all busted out laughing.

Soon after Katherine was done with her lesson, she came out to meet us. Wil, Elizabeth and I stood up to walk with her to the car and behind us was a wet seat imprint on the sidewalk. I believe it was a clean mark, but I can’t be entirely sure.

The imprint we leave may not always be clean and the cows may be slow to interrupt, but as long as our imprint speaks of belly laughs and shadow dancing on a summer night, then we can be assured we are leaving behind something good.



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