Special Needs Siblings

These two young women have stepped up to the plate more than most realize; and they do it with love and grace. That said, Katherine and Elizabeth treat Wil like any little brother — loving him, being annoyed with him, and standing up for him. Their life requires an extra level that is not easyContinue reading “Special Needs Siblings”

To “Be” or not to “Be”

At 53 years old I am a student. At 89 years old I will be a student. When I say goodbye to this world, I will be a student. Yesterday, I was trying to help a student who has autism. I was kind. I gave this student squeezes, I spoke calmly; soothingly. This student’s aggravationContinue reading “To “Be” or not to “Be””

The Cure

My son will not play in the NBA; my son will not invent a new vaccine. My son will not design a software program nor manage your finances. My son will not drive a car nor drive a recycling truck. But my son sang for nearly 4 hours on our drive up north without anyContinue reading “The Cure”

I Feel Good!

I remember, when Wil was a brand new baby, I walked into my first Down Syndrome Support Team (DSST) meeting. Young kids with Down syndrome were running around playing like young kids do. Everything was so normal, and yet it wasn’t to me, because all these kids had Down syndrome. I went home, though veryContinue reading “I Feel Good!”

Centurion, Collaboration & Education

“I don’t want to live until I’m 100.” One said. “Oh, me either.” Replied another. Both shared their own beliefs for saying so. I found myself bristling. Actually jealous. And how silly of me. Who gets to choose how long they live? But what I found myself upset about was how they could take thisContinue reading “Centurion, Collaboration & Education”

Proudly Hail’d

At last Friday’s homecoming game, Wil and five choir companions formed a half circle in front of a microphone. The spectators, packing the stands, rose with hats and hands placed over hearts. The perfectly uniformed Manchester marching band spanned the field behind the semi-circle of singers and began their patriotic play. I held my breath.Continue reading “Proudly Hail’d”

Word Up!

When Wil tries to figure something out, he has a back-and-forth conversation with himself: “Wear the grey shirt? Yes, yes, the grey shirt.” This will go on for his hat and shorts, too; and with most any task that requires decision-making. He’s been having these conversations for about 5 years now. At first, I wasContinue reading “Word Up!”

Yesterday Was a When

Yesterday, Wil and I had lunch and a conversation on the back porch. One night, I sat on the edge of Wil’s bed. It was the school year of 2016. In the quiet before sleep, Wil was most apt to share his day. I always started with questions about his friends and lunch; they wereContinue reading “Yesterday Was a When”

A Little Can Mean a Lot

Yesterday I went to Wolf’s Westside Automotive Service for an oil change. I had been there the previous day to have my tire patched. When I came in for my tire, the front door was propped open, the garage bay doors rolled up, and a refreshing breeze flowed through the lobby. Yesterday was just thatContinue reading “A Little Can Mean a Lot”

Heavy and Light

Wil loves riding his recumbent bike around our property. The challenge is I can’t fully trust he won’t go out to the road. And it’s a busy road. I was talking to fellow mother yesterday. Her 16-year-old son, who also has Ds, is in summer speech and occupational therapy with Wil. As much as herContinue reading “Heavy and Light”