House of Cards

Most of us don’t choose to be caregivers. Then next thing you know, you find yourself standing on a house of cards. Last night a friend was at a neighboring table for dinner with her husband and another couple. After they had eaten dinner, the other couple left. As our friend tried to leave, herContinue reading “House of Cards”

Centurion, Collaboration & Education

“I don’t want to live until I’m 100.” One said. “Oh, me either.” Replied another. Both shared their own beliefs for saying so. I found myself bristling. Actually jealous. And how silly of me. Who gets to choose how long they live? But what I found myself upset about was how they could take thisContinue reading “Centurion, Collaboration & Education”


Is skydiving hard? Is raising a child with Down syndrome hard? Though the questions remain static; our answers come from different places. **** Last night Wil and I drove to Elizabeth’s basketball game in Bedford (just north Toledo). A dark sky, flat un-scenic roads — minus the occasional Christmas lit homes — and nearly aContinue reading “Altitudes”

Processing Time

Wil attended his first taekwondo tournament last Saturday. The environment had the potential of causing sensory distress within Wil. I had been to many taekwondo tournaments in the past with Katherine, as she worked her way up to a blackbelt. There would be many people moving around on the gym floor, and spontaneous announcements overContinue reading “Processing Time”

Another Gear

I pulled up in the driveway at 7:45AM after coaching. Just as I was about to exit my car to go inside our home and check on Wil’s readiness for school, he ran outside and into the car! He was fully dressed, complete with his hoodie, backpack and even socks (which sometimes prove challenging forContinue reading “Another Gear”

Submerged to Surfaced

Wil totally worked the system last night… Over the summer, Wil greatly anticipated celebrating at his Connect friends’ senior grad parties. However, once at the event, he’d soon become overwhelmed with the activity and number of people and flee. As many of the grads live in the country, I’d turn my back in conversation, onlyContinue reading “Submerged to Surfaced”

A Good Morning!

Wil set the alarm on his iPad last night for school (I showed him how after asking the twins if they had an old alarm clock Wil could use. Elizabeth said, “Mom, just use his iPad” 🙄). On mornings I work, Katherine or Elizabeth typically wake Wil. He is very independent now, and it’s gettingContinue reading “A Good Morning!”

Proudly Hail’d

At last Friday’s homecoming game, Wil and five choir companions formed a half circle in front of a microphone. The spectators, packing the stands, rose with hats and hands placed over hearts. The perfectly uniformed Manchester marching band spanned the field behind the semi-circle of singers and began their patriotic play. I held my breath.Continue reading “Proudly Hail’d”

I Believe Most People Are Good (Luke Bryan song)

I saw it in his eyes. He wanted to bolt. If he found a crack in the crowd, he’d force his way through like a flower through a concrete slab. At 5’5” and 155 pounds, clad with big blue noise-cancelling headphones, people would step back startled and stare, walk around and give him space, ratherContinue reading “I Believe Most People Are Good (Luke Bryan song)”


Most mornings these days Wil wakes up happy and cooperative; he’s nearly sixteen years old now. We have a few morning struggles but nothing like his earlier years. He enjoys school, seeing his friends, and his independence. We talk about what day of the week it is, the month and the season. Wil keeps closeContinue reading “Out-Turn”