To “Be” or not to “Be”

At 53 years old I am a student. At 89 years old I will be a student. When I say goodbye to this world, I will be a student. Yesterday, I was trying to help a student who has autism. I was kind. I gave this student squeezes, I spoke calmly; soothingly. This student’s aggravationContinue reading “To “Be” or not to “Be””

Inclusion Slam Dunk!

Wil’s paraprofessional, Kristi, told me how Wil — of his own will — went to the closet in gym class, pulled out two baskets and two balls. He proceeded to toss the balls in the baskets. His peers joined in his created game by cheering him on. Today I picked up Elizabeth, Wil and theirContinue reading “Inclusion Slam Dunk!”

Drum Roll Please, Common Ground at Play!

When Wil entered 4th grade, the gap in his abilities relative to his typically-developing peers took a large leap. Wil’s classmates talked faster than he did and played at a higher intensity. Even so, Wil and his friends, whom he had been in school with since kindergarten, formed a strong bond over the years. Whenever IContinue reading “Drum Roll Please, Common Ground at Play!”

Happy Endings

Wil leaned his head against the passenger-side window. His brand-new and carefully-chosen checkered shirt, maroon tie and navy pants were dry, but his spirits were dampened. My dad was parked next to us in the United Methodist Church lot, which was just a flight of stairs above the football field.  “I know it’s raining, butContinue reading “Happy Endings”