Mixed Medley

I dropped Wil off on the second morning of his first all-day camp. He talked about camp for weeks; water balloon tosses, scavenger hunts, a trip to the beach – and parent-free. There were no tears at drop-off; Wil and I were both ready for this leap in independence. This summer has been the MomContinue reading “Mixed Medley”

It’s in the Experience

The teenaged lifeguard; tall, lean and curly-haired, stood on the edge of the wave pool blowing his whistle — at me. I saw her face in his; though she was his senior by at least 20 years, with straight brown hair and a brisk uniform. She was resolute to get Wil’s boarding pass — fromContinue reading “It’s in the Experience”

Just Make Him Do It

One of the most common things I hear (and what many of my friends who have children w disabilities hear) is, “well, just make him do it.” I literally feel a huge distance grow between us with this seeming logic. And yet, it’s a very difficult distance to close as there is no logical explanation.Continue reading “Just Make Him Do It”

A Moment in Time: Surprise gifts

Wil and I went to pick up pizza in town. As we exited the pizzeria, we saw Will D., Wil’s friend from school. We enjoyed a quick chat, then as Wil and I headed back to our car, Wil turned around and called out to Will D., “See you tomorrow!” I’ve never heard my WilContinue reading “A Moment in Time: Surprise gifts”


It was just after 9 p.m. and I heard the back patio door click shut. I tucked Wil into bed only moments before. But I knew it was him. My alarm was set for 3:20 a.m. to rise for work, so I’d recently tucked myself into bed too.  I got out of bed, walked toContinue reading “Vocal-Ease”

Stuck On You

I didn’t know exactly where or when Wil would get stuck at the party, but I knew it was a possibility. The graduate was one of his Connect mentors that he admires greatly. As Wil is used to her individualized attention at school, I knew he would expect that level of attention at her party,Continue reading “Stuck On You”

You Are Here

Like many mothers, I loved my son before he was born. My daughters and husband placed their hands on my belly and felt his kicks and punches. We pondered names and dreamed our dreams. The field of possibilities was laid open before us. The golden gates to that field slammed shut seconds after Wil wasContinue reading “You Are Here”

Simply Powerful

Kristi, Wil’s paraprofessional, sent me this photo of Wil cooking at school with his Connect mentor, Victoria. It was Cinco de Mayo and they were making tacos. Kristi told me he ended up eating 3!  It’s awe-striking to me, still, even though Wil is a teenager, how powerful the simplest joys with him are. IContinue reading “Simply Powerful”


This morning Wil sat on his bed. He wouldn’t get dressed. The frustration rose in me. The clock doesn’t stop for him. School would start ready or not. Inside I have to give my heart a deep breath. Why do the simplest things have to take such patience? Every.single.day. I ask, in my calmest voice,Continue reading “Unfiltered”

True Nature

When Wil said, “Walk to the river, Mom,” I left my phone on the countertop, took off my watch and grabbed our mud boots. With the constant tug of a virtually agenda-driven world, I was more than ready to leave behind the volitional tools that bound me to it. Woody, our yellow lab, perked upContinue reading “True Nature”