Mixed Medley

I dropped Wil off on the second morning of his first all-day camp. He talked about camp for weeks; water balloon tosses, scavenger hunts, a trip to the beach – and parent-free. There were no tears at drop-off; Wil and I were both ready for this leap in independence. This summer has been the MomContinue reading “Mixed Medley”

It’s in the Experience

The teenaged lifeguard; tall, lean and curly-haired, stood on the edge of the wave pool blowing his whistle — at me. I saw her face in his; though she was his senior by at least 20 years, with straight brown hair and a brisk uniform. She was resolute to get Wil’s boarding pass — fromContinue reading “It’s in the Experience”

A Little Can Mean a Lot

Yesterday I went to Wolf’s Westside Automotive Service for an oil change. I had been there the previous day to have my tire patched. When I came in for my tire, the front door was propped open, the garage bay doors rolled up, and a refreshing breeze flowed through the lobby. Yesterday was just thatContinue reading “A Little Can Mean a Lot”

Heavy and Light

Wil loves riding his recumbent bike around our property. The challenge is I can’t fully trust he won’t go out to the road. And it’s a busy road. I was talking to fellow mother yesterday. Her 16-year-old son, who also has Ds, is in summer speech and occupational therapy with Wil. As much as herContinue reading “Heavy and Light”

Just Make Him Do It

One of the most common things I hear (and what many of my friends who have children w disabilities hear) is, “well, just make him do it.” I literally feel a huge distance grow between us with this seeming logic. And yet, it’s a very difficult distance to close as there is no logical explanation.Continue reading “Just Make Him Do It”

You Go Girl!

At the airport yesterday, Wil was struggling a bit with some young children crying. As a Starbucks was nearby, I asked Elizabeth to walk him over there while I stayed with our carry-on luggage (as Katherine was in another shop). Wil was reluctant at Starbucks too, so Elizabeth walked him back to sit with me.Continue reading “You Go Girl!”

Sunday Live-Stream

I don’t listen to special needs podcasts. It’s not that I don’t enjoy them, or learn from them, or feel a connection with them. I do. I have a few of my favorites saved in my library for quick access when I need extra help. But mostly, I enjoy the running podcast of my ownContinue reading “Sunday Live-Stream”


“Mom, I saw Ashley in gym today!” Wil did not share this fact after school. Nor at the dinner table. Wil was lying on the couch, shortly before bedtime, watching a Netflix show with Elizabeth and me. He popped up in the middle of a scene— that had nothing to do with gym class, orContinue reading “CREATING SPACE”

Lifting the Mask

“What do you want to be for Halloween, Wil?” “A meeeeaaaan pumpkin, grrrr!” Wil lifted his arms up and curled his hands into claws.  Wil and I searched the Web for a “mean pumpkin” mask. We found the perfect fit! A jagged-toothed jack-o’- lantern mask that lit up. Next was the shirt. We found aContinue reading “Lifting the Mask”

Drum Roll Please, Common Ground at Play!

When Wil entered 4th grade, the gap in his abilities relative to his typically-developing peers took a large leap. Wil’s classmates talked faster than he did and played at a higher intensity. Even so, Wil and his friends, whom he had been in school with since kindergarten, formed a strong bond over the years. Whenever IContinue reading “Drum Roll Please, Common Ground at Play!”