Inclusion Slam Dunk!

Wil’s paraprofessional, Kristi, told me how Wil — of his own will — went to the closet in gym class, pulled out two baskets and two balls. He proceeded to toss the balls in the baskets. His peers joined in his created game by cheering him on. Today I picked up Elizabeth, Wil and theirContinue reading “Inclusion Slam Dunk!”

Let Us Embrace Our Vulnerable Population

In embracing our vulnerable population we embrace our own vulnerabilities. We crave Love. Love is the base of all things. Love is survival. We crave, live and breathe for Love. In embracing individuals that we previously misconceived as having lesser value, we find in fact their value is greater than ours as theirs is theContinue reading “Let Us Embrace Our Vulnerable Population”


Today Wil and Manny went bowling. Both are teens with Down syndrome. Manny’s mom, Laura, and I share frequently about our plans, thoughts and concerns for the future. Thoughts about our boys as they age out of the school system; after friends have moved on to college, to jobs, to get married. How will ourContinue reading “HOW WE BEND”

Unsuspected Connections

Yesterday, checking out at the grocery store, the grocery clerk commented on the cupcakes I bought. I said the cupcakes were for my son’s classroom for his birthday. The grocery clerk asked how old my son was. I replied that he was my baby, and it was hard to believe he was already 16 yearsContinue reading “Unsuspected Connections”

Filling In The Moment

I shared with Wil’s friend, that during the snow days off school, “Wil and I played with these big blow-up things that you put over your hands and then punch each other with.” Wil interrupted me with a flat-toned, “They are called Socker Boppers, Mom.” Wil is at a stage where he reads everything aroundContinue reading “Filling In The Moment”

I Feel Good!

I remember, when Wil was a brand new baby, I walked into my first Down Syndrome Support Team (DSST) meeting. Young kids with Down syndrome were running around playing like young kids do. Everything was so normal, and yet it wasn’t to me, because all these kids had Down syndrome. I went home, though veryContinue reading “I Feel Good!”


I made Wil’s breakfast and busied myself in the kitchen awaiting Wil’s typical wide-armed entry into the living room with a hearty, “Look at me, Mom!” (He takes great pride in his clothing selection each day.) “Oooo, fancy!” I’ll reply. This morning, however, just enough time had passed to suspect something was wrong. “Do youContinue reading “Under-where?”

Interrupted Giggle

Last night I gave Wil a hug before bed and as a joke he blew on my cheek. I started laughing, and he started laughing. He kept trying to blow on my cheek again and again but each blow was interrupted by his uncontrollable giggles. This is the magic that you don’t know; that youContinue reading “Interrupted Giggle”

Deeper Than a Good Deed

One of my favorite parts about Special Olympics events is when I thank the volunteers for their time, and they say, “No, thank YOU! We are so very thankful for this opportunity.” And in further discussion you find they volunteered once as a “good deed” and now it’s 20 years later and they wouldn’t missContinue reading “Deeper Than a Good Deed”