On Royalty, Gold and Big Fences

This morning, I took Elizabeth to the orthodontist. It was a first consultation, so everything was very easy going and pleasant. Her orthodontist shares the name of Elizabeth’s twin sister, Katherine, and when I told her, she replied that we have royalty in our house. A queen and a princess. I laughed, and said, “WouldContinue reading “On Royalty, Gold and Big Fences”

Why I’m Stuck on Gratitude

Yesterday, after teaching a morning bootcamp class, I zipped over to the grocery store. The plan was to make it a quick trip. I had a load of things I wanted to accomplish before my afternoon class. Cool, I thought, the parking lot is near empty, I pulled into a front parking spot, and grabbedContinue reading “Why I’m Stuck on Gratitude”

A Stone’s Throw: Creating Ripples in Spreading Down Syndrome Awareness

Last night, stretched out next to Wil in his bed, having just finished reading him his bed time story, I pointed up to the pieces of paper taped on the wall next to us. “Where is the beetle?” I asked, and he pointed to the picture with a colorful crayon drawn bug. “I did thatContinue reading “A Stone’s Throw: Creating Ripples in Spreading Down Syndrome Awareness”